Fashion accessories or nothing!

publié le Dimanche 20 septembre 2015 à 10:05

Fashion accessories are the key to pulling off an outfit and giving it that special allure or unique look. And since it’s not all about just clothes, LE BHV MARAIS has put its all into creating this non-exhaustive list of brands devoted to accessories, bags, shoes and jewellery.


  • Michael Kors: trend essentials
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Photo: Official Facebook page

Just like its designer, this American brand proves its keen fashion sense by being constantly ahead of the fashion curve. Not only this, but it manages to remain accessible to fashion fans who are just as demanding as they are enthusiastic. Since its foray into the world of lifestyle products, Michael Kors has redoubled its creativity with a selection of fragrances, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, as well as watches. An entire collection. Sometimes vintage glamour, sometimes jet-set luxury inspired, these fashion accessories call on sophistication with a touch of folly.


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Ultra-colourful and feminine, Kate Spade’s designs redefine femininity and sophistication to the delight of clients. The key to this success? Born in 1993, the fundamental value of this American brand is to rarefy its clients through high quality pieces. The popularity of its creations can be explained by the pure lines and playful, modern graphics. For an assured, distinguished look. In Paris, the brand is available at LE BHV MARAIS to the delight of all urban fashionistas.


  • Coach: New-Yorker style
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There is a whiff of leather and saddle-stitching that surrounds this American brand. Created more than 70 years ago, Coach has made leatherwork its speciality. Previously aimed at the world of sport, during the 60s the brand made an about-turn towards the fashion world and launched itself into making handbags. Elegant, classic accessories that satisfied the era’s housewives are now doing the same for the fashion-conscious fifty years on. But still with the same obsession: the quality of the leather. New-yorker style at your fingertips.


  • Lancel: high-end prestige
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Photo: Official Facebook page

Still enjoying the same success after 130 years of existence.  Leathers are selected from only the most exceptional skins whilst every detail, seam and topstitch is subjected to the closest scrutiny. But Lancel is also known for its legendary bags created for each decade: the colourful “Adjani” handbag or the retro-chic “Brigitte Bardot Lancel” drew attention to glamorous actresses and muses of French cinema, and let’s not forget the great “Premier flirt” bucket bag. Irrefutable evidence of a brand with a history marked by legend and innovation.


  •  Jérôme Dreyfuss: « the enfant terrible of French fashion »
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Photo: Official Facebook page

It was in 2002 that this particular prodigy launched himself into leather goods and accessories. With lines such as Roots de Luxe, materials like reptile skins and soft leather were given a new lease of life. Each handbag reflects a different personality and is given a man’s name (Robert, Momo, Norbert, Abel…) like real-life companions. Since 2004, the brand has adopted an ethical and ecological attitude by integrating vegetable-tanned leathers and recyclable consumables.  Fashion, yes, only green!


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