Are you a practical person? Do you want to learn new skills or perfect what you already know? Whether it’s interior work, renovating old furniture or even cooking, LE BHV MARAIS can offer a range of workshops to guide you!

Be it cooking or home improvements, over recent years we’ve seen a trend towards a Do It Yourself approach. With a resourceful attitude essential, we are learning how to do things on our own. And we usually end up with a taste for it! Cooking or breathing new life into a piece of furniture, all this can swiftly turn into a new passion. For those of you who want to stretch yourselves and learn even more, LE BHV MARAIS provides workshops covering a range of subjects.


Lilibricole workshops

Lilibricole offers a number of DIY and decorating courses in the DIY workshop at LE BHV MARAIS. Experienced and passionate teachers provide a multitude of activities:


– Preparing and repairing furniture: discover expert tips on how to repair a piece of furniture dear to your heart. You’ll learn, under the guidance of an expert craftsman, all the steps needed to breath new life into it.

– Redesign your furniture: tips and tricks to give a new identity to your furniture with the help of paints, patinas and other effects.

– Optimise your space: Optimise the space in your home with the help of advice from a professional who is on hand to listen and assist you with your layout ideas.

– Select and match your colours: For those wishing to inject some colour into their home, an interior design expert is available to answer your questions and help you step by step.

Interested in trying some of our workshops? To take part, sign up online.



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