the marais streets

Le Champs Elysées? Rue Saint-Honoré? Paris’ fashion elite have got another location in mind when it comes to showing off their glad rags, and it’s right under your nose.

On any given day, at any given time, you can spot a genuine fashonista in their natural environment, roaming Paris’ Marais district. This historical quarter is practically bursting at the seams with the city’s brightest and most beautiful, serving up a melting pot of great style and taste. Lope down the Rue des Archives and take in the trendiest locals sipping a coffee on a terrace. Meander up the Rue Vieille du Temple and get a load of the style pack sauntering around. Fashion is big business in the Marais, and the top of the class want to show you what they’ve got.

Want to style out your next look with a little Maraisian charm? Get a load of these local looks and listen to the word on the Marais streets.

Dress It Down

Marais style is all about keeping it cool, relaxed and unfussy. Don’t expect to see girls teetering in their heels in this neighbourhood; with cobbled streets in every direction, stilettos don’t even have a chance. Mastering your perfect Marais look is all about mixing high with low, and keeping things casual. Sporting a tea dress? Dress it down with a pair of sunnies and a low-maintenance hair do. Comfort is always key.

Balance It Out

Parisians and colour, you ask? Anything’s possible with the right proportions! While neutrals are the colours of choice for any discerning Maraisian, colour blocking is most definitely a thing, as long as it’s done right. Offset brighter tones with more muted shades to keep your look understated, and avoid too many patterns at once. Mixing textiles and cuts will elevate your style above the ordinary, giving your outfit that offbeat Maraisian style.

Mix and Match

What’s a discerning Maraisian without a little off-kilter styling? While the locals keep it laid back most of the time, they’re not afraid of pushing out the boat to up the fashion stakes. It all comes down to patterns. Although colour-mixing might be a big no-no, mixing patterns in the same colour pallette is practically a way of life in the Marais. Keep your tones neutral, limit your colours to two, tops, and get practicing with your patterning.

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