If any Disney character is known by heart, up and down and back to front, then it’s surely Mickey Mouse. Since his creation, the mouse has become a cult icon, making a splash across cinema screens and graphic novels alike.

Pop Art Muse

Marilyn Monroe, The Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol; they’ve all made their mark on the world of pop art. And while they might be worlds apart from Disney’s celebrated cartoon mouse, there’s no denying the fact that Mickey is equally iconic on the pop art stage.

Star of graphic novels from the off, Mickey Mouse has had more than his moment in the spotlight. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Peter Saul and The Beatles, Mickey has become an integral part of pop culture, thanks to a number of key works. Immortalised in Roy Lichtenstein’s first artistic efforts, the mouse, along with his friend Donald, soon became a regular face on the comic strip scene and from that point on, the art world was hooked.

The Art of Mickey

Mickey Mouse was a product of culture, his creation having been inspired by major artists like Gustave Doré. Looking forwards, it is characters like Mickey who inspire artists of today, the character cropping up time and again in contemporary pieces.

Born under a lucky star, Mickey has gone from strength to artistic strength since his early days. Major artists, graphic novel illustrators and creatives have all walked the halls of the Disney studios; Walt Disney himself was no stranger to the arts world, associating with the likes of Igor Stravinsky, Oskar Fischinger, Frank Lloyd Wright and Salvador Dali. Mickey is a product of culture, through and through, linking creatives across the world.

Today, Mickey mouse is a public character, having acted as a source of influence over the years. Whether it’s the game changing works of the 1980s, or the graphic pieces of today’s street artists, there’s no denying the mouse’s artistic presence.

In graphic novels, on television, on the catwalks of the greatest designers, in our most celebrated museums or our most everyday objects, the image of Mickey can be found everywhere we go, bringing a smile to all that encounter him.

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