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For the first time in France, Etsy are setting up shop in a department store, and it just so happens to be the ground floor of LE BHV MARAIS where the marketplace will open a space of over 30m2 from 13th April to 7th May. Etsy will use this space to showcase 9 designers from the worlds of home, decor and fashion.

Who is behind these 4 letters causing such a stir in the DIY* world

Etsy – the 4 most popular letters for entrepreneurs in the field of design – is a creative think tank, both on- and offline, at the heart of which community is king!

A community of designers showcasing their work, all passionate about decor, fashion and art, coming together to reveal creations from near and far in the worlds of classics, graphic design, poetry and sometimes even the extraordinary! The spotlight is on our creative entrepreneurs!

Discover the entire selection from our Etsy designers at LE BHV MARAIS here

Florence is a graphic designer and Benjamin is a musician. Together, they created l’Atelier des Amis (The Friends’ Workshop), a brand made up of tote bags, mugs, jewellery and objects in Plexiglas and wood, all designed and made in their Parisian workshop. The enthusiasm of buyers has only continued to grow since the duo started offering to personalise their bags.


Mixing fashion and technology, tradition and avant-garde is Vanessa and Cédric’s leitmotiv. Endless possibilities with 3D printing opened new creative fields, leading them to create Bits Tailor. They offer you the chance to revisit fashion classics, and know how to surprise with their originality.


Because she wanted to wear original accessories that she simply couldn’t find in shops, Juliette created Coucou Suzette – a world where Pop Art, Girl Power and Kitsch are mixed together for limited edition collections of lapel pins, badges, socks and jewellery.



Behind the CréaBisontine brand is a young woman named Sandrine, who designs and creates her collections of mugs from her village of Doubs. After leaving a career in communications, she created her brand in 2012 and hasn’t looked back for a second!


Lots of humour and totally fresh, that’s how Lolita Picco sees her collections. Homeware, cups, stationery, lapel pins… all reflecting her sources of inspiration, the expressions she “borrows” from the world around her, her family and friends, her hometown of Marseille…


Behind MY HAPPY SOAP(s) is a family duo who want to reinvent the Savon de Marseille (Marseille soap). Master soap-makers from Provence, the most astute Grasse perfumers and the combined talent of Kristin and Johan saw the birth of a unique, purely plant-based collection. A fragrance and colour to improve your mood for the day!


The adventure of the Oelwein brand began with their first silkscreen prints and tote bags. Today, its stationery and textile accessory collections are sold all over the world… but they still continue to draw and print limited editions and prototypes on silkscreen.


Claire is 26 years old. With a degree in architecture in the bag, a fruitless job search and a stash of boxes of peas (which she loves)… she felt the urge to make her own candles… and R.I.V.E was born! A graphic, aesthetic brand where colours all have their place… light up your rooms!


It was on a wintery Sunday with an urge to dress some bare walls that the idea of SculPaper was born. Friends’ enthusiasm for these sculpted paper decorations did the rest! Ever since, Azael has been drawing and cutting superb decorations and animal sculptures… all from paper!


And to give you a taster… between 13th April and 7th May, Etsy is organising free coaching and DIY workshops open to all at LE BHV MARAIS:

>Every Wednesday and Saturday from 3pm to 5pm (Sign up in-store in the Etsy corner 10 minutes before the workshop begins)

“Do It Yourself”, for those who like making things with their hands.  On the agenda:

>> Wednesday 20th April, enjoy three workshops between 12pm and 8pm (Sign up in-store)

  • Personalise a tote bag in colours with Lili aime le nougat (ground floor)
  • How to make a pop-up card run by Mzelle Fraise (4th floor)
  •  How to make an ink stamp (with a rubber) and customise a tote bag with Kraftille (2nd floor)

>> Every Saturday from 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm.

Etsy Coaching, for all those amongst you who’d like to set-up shop on Etsy and, who knows, maybe even become one of the next designers leading a workshop!

Come back soon for all the info.


“Set yourself up on Etsy” workshop from 11am – 1pm: Sign up here

“Establish yourself on Etsy” workshop from 3pm to 5pm – sign up here

We hope to see you all between 13th April and 7th May on the ground floor of LE BHV MARAIS, 52 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris




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