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From 23rd May to 6th June, LE BHV MARAIS is celebrating linen in all its glory by dressing up its departments and surrounding streets. For two weeks, there’ll be only one thing on everyone’s lips: “I love linen”.

Halluin (59), le 6 juin 2012 : lin de l’usine de tissage Lemaitre & Demeestere (Photo Sebastien Rande / Studio Cui Cui)

Halluin (59), 6th June 2012: linen from the Lemaitre & Demeestere weaving mill (Photo Sebastien Rande / Studio Cui Cui)

This event culminates as the sun is growing in confidence and temperatures begin to rise. Widely applauded for its lightness and comfort in fashion and clothing, this featherweight fabric has many other attributes too.

Produced mainly in France, linen and the craftsmen that bring it to life can also boast that this cult fabric is environmentally friendly in all respects. As such, its fibres can be mass-produced without producing waste, much to the delight of fashion lovers and interior designers.

Fashion, interiors and planet

At the heart of honouring linen in all its forms, LE BHV MARAIS will use this 2 week long special event to showcase products made from eco-responsible fabrics. Clothing, home textiles and interior accessories will all play a role in staging the event: LE BHV MARAIS will use the opportunity to highlight the perks of the fabric, and you can use all these linen perks to redecorate your interiors or update your wardrobe. A lovely lampshade for the lounge, floaty curtains for the bedroom, a lightweight summer shirt…whatever you fancy, the planet will thank you for it.

The street (also) loves linen

CELC_Lanternes J'aime le lin_usage interne 4And the love for this summer fabric doesn’t just stop at the store walls: LE BHV MARAIS will bring some colour to the Rue de Rivoli by erecting 42 linen lanterns under its canopy. In a multitude of colours, these lanterns will brighten up the Marais, just like the windows on the Rue des Archives, redesigned by designer Philippe Nigro in honour of the star fabric. At home, on you, or in the street, you will be loving linen alongside LE BHV MARAIS and the EUROPEAN LINEN AND HEMP CONFEDERATION.


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