Underwear goes French with Le Slip Français

publié le Mardi 07 juin 2016 à 17:19

Are you a briefs or boxers man? Ask no more because from the 27th May to 18th June Le Slip Français will be in store in the Menswear department of LE BHV MARAIS and is there to revolutionise the world of men.

At the source of this revolution is Guillaume Gibault, who took a wild gamble and backed men’s briefs that are entirely Made-in-France. The first pairs of red-white-and-blue briefs appeared in 2011, to rapturous applause from its male customers!

slip fr3

To mark the occasion, LE BHV MARAIS is celebrating men’s underwear! On Saturdays and Wednesdays the store will be holding an underwear lottery: “La Slip Loterie”! Come and meet our sales rep Axel on Saturdays and Wednesdays for a chance to win a pair of men’s briefs every week!

slip fr 2

To win, simply sign up to take part in the Super Slip Loterie  on the ground floor of BHV Homme on 36 Rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris.

Sharing Box and Le Slip Français invite you to take part in a photo event in store on Saturdays 4th, 11th and 18th June.

Time to say goodbye to those Batman and Star Wars briefs at the back of your drawers! Briefs are chic!



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