Temporary tattoos: the new summer jewellery

publié le Lundi 27 juillet 2015 à 18:47

Finishing-off that suntan and delicately adorning sun-kissed skin on summer outings, temporary tattoos are the latest trend. Here are a few reasons to try these latest designs and be the envy of all as you stroll through Paris.


There’s a whole host of shapes: geometric or organic, black or gold, futuristic or bohemian/seventies… Temporary tattoos have been captivating and inspiring fashion for over two years now. A strong presence at recent catwalk shows during Fashion Week, they’ve been infiltrating streestyles at various music festivals over the past few months as well as finding their way into more every-day looks. Evidence of the democratisation of tattoos and the phenomenon of “body fashion”, this new practice has pushed the popularity of the designs even further by turning them into veritable body jewellery.


Jewellery-accessories for days at the beach


Those who shy away from permanent body markings and anyone with a needle phobia can now play around with designs and colours. For those strategic areas, wrists and ankles are proving the most popular choice for “bracelet” effect tattoos. More recently, the lower abdomen, nape of the neck and also the shoulders are becoming more frequently adorned with motifs for those beach days.

As for how to use them: simply apply the tattoo onto the skin using a damp sponge. To remove the tattoo, make-up remover gets the job done quickly and easily. For the more patient amongst you, these temporary tattoos last on average between three and four days.


The bohemian look with DCER



Lately LE BHV MARAIS is going wild for the dreamcatcher designs, available in black or gold, by DCER – a pioneering brand in temporary tattoos launched in 2002. Open until 20th August, an exclusive corner will be offering products directly inspired by the bohemian and vintage style of the seventies, with a hint of oriental culture provided through subtle additions. Customers will be spoiled for choice with the selection of bracelets: 55 minimalist, delicate designs in shades of gold, silver and black. Unique designs to adorn your skin.

An added bonus: Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the DCER pop-up store will be hosting tattoo events.


logo DCER

Photos: DCER Instagram


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