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Born on the hill of Montmartre, before gracing the super-chic pavements of Saint Germain des Prés, Les Mauvaises Graines is stopping off at LE BHV MARAIS to plant shoots, bulbs, plants, flowers and trees…

Another perspective on the city, the love of Parisians, their roots / DNA…a great encounter, the sharing of authentic knowledge, a unique experience in a laid-back atmosphere…as Les Mauvaises Graines touch down at Paris’ favourite Department Store,an exclusive world is created, available to explore from 19th April!

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With giant trees now framing the main doors, La Cour Bleue takes on the look of a garden nursery and celebrates the arrival of spring. In the decorated cabin on the ground floor of LE BHV MARAIS, the leafy signature of Les Mauvaises Graines is everywhere; what better way to adorn our balconies, our gardens and our interiors. “Jardins Rocks” planters, rattan furniture, lights, items from Nordal and Broste Copenhagen are arranged amongst original and relaxed plants.

For all those who love beautiful plants, crazy foliage, good seeds, forgotten flowers, wacky herbs, grandmother plants, climbing plants, rampant plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, flower bulbs…for shady or sunlit terraces, gardens or window ledges, for skilled thinners and pruners, potters, hoers, weeders and surfacers…come and meet specialists in the maintenance and design of terraces, balconies, windowsills and gardens…they’ll all be at LE BHV MARAIS from 19th April!

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LE BHV MARAIS – Ground Floor of the Main Store Indoor Plants, Jardins Rocks, Advice and Decor.

From Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm. Wednesday from 10am to 9pm

Le BHV Homme – Cour Bleue Outdoor plants, urban Nursery

From Monday to Saturday from 1pm to 8pm and Wednesday from 1pm to 9pm


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