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LE BHV MARAIS, the 1st department store in Paris to open on Sundays, is celebrating 160 years of creation and innovation. The event is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate its achievements and pay homage to the store’s unique history and location.

Creative, inspirational and laid-back, LE BHV MARAIS has always been a dynamic part of central Paris since it was founded by François Xavier Ruel in 1856.

Urban, modern and creative, it is the only Parisian Lifestyle department store where you can find such a diversity under one roof!

LE BHV MARAIS has set the stage for its anniversary celebrations with an exhibition retracing its history, iconic creations reworked by leading names in fashion and an accessories collection designed to reflect its 160th anniversary, along with much, much more. This anniversary will be cloaked in invention and reinvention.

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Paris’ most loved department store since its founding in 1856, and now with a retail space of 50,000m², LE BHV MARAIS is the only multi-specialist department store with everything you could ever need! Fashion, beauty, homeware, food, leisure activities, DIY…the store continues to surprise and delight its visitors with a selection of brands and amazing cutting-edge articles that are constantly renewed.

Located in the heart of Paris, the store reflects the diversity of the Marais district: unique throughout the world, this epicentre of trends, cosmopolitan and inspiring, is the very essence of a Paris in constant motion.

A key venue for new experiences and interactions, LE BHV MARAIS is the new shopping destination, not to be missed.

LE BHV MARAIS, the largest toolbox in Paris, continues to reinvent itself whilst staying true to its DNA. With over 54,000 products, the legendary store basement serves as new inspiration for all things DIY, offering all the latest tools and decorating trends.

The ground and 1st floors showcase fresh, cutting-edge fashion, with exclusive concept stores: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop and more, leading names in Beauty and Accessories, and a new Fashion Sport department with the most emblematic brands: Reebok, Adidas, Asics & Nike!

The four upper floors are dedicated to lifestyle products, with a range of innovative and unusual concept stores: on the 2nd floor, the multimedia department stands alongside its enormous bookstore. Above that, the 3rd floor is devoted to all culinary items, with a gourmet food shop and, let us not forget, the latest name in dining: l’Artisan de la Truffe. The 4th floor covers interior design, whilst the 5th and 6th floors are home to children’s fashion and toys, as well as the Bed & Bath department.


Constantly renewing itself, LE BHV MARAIS keeps visitors entertained with frequent events and shows throughout the year: cooking classes, sports sessions, DIY workshops and more…

Just a stone’s throw from the main store, LE BHV MARAIS L’HOMME has 5 floors dedicated entirely to men’s fashion, ranging from street-wear to designer collections, including suits and accessories.

Crowning this thoroughly masculine world are 5 new luxury boutiques, located between numbers 9 and 15 Rue des Archives, where unique high-end items complement the creative and accessible products on offer at LE BHV MARAIS: Fendi, Moncler, Givenchy, Gucci and Valentino.

When you need a tasty break, LE BHV MARAIS has something to tickle everyone’s taste buds: delicious éclairs from L’Eclair de Génie, quality Starbucks coffee, La Kantine restaurant, the traditional Japanese restaurant Le Palais Tokyo or sophisticated truffle-based dishes from l’Artisan de la Truffe, and let us not forget the Cour Bleue, our quirky, super-cool courtyard with 3 gourmet food stands.

At store closing time, le Perchoir Marais, LE BHV MARAIS’ famous rooftop, attracts an eclectic and fun-loving crowd who enjoy stunning views over Paris.

Always in tune with an ever-changing clientele, LE BHV MARAIS has implemented new services (concierge, tax refunds, express delivery service, personal shoppers, etc.) and offers a range of products with 10% off to international clients living both inside and outside of the EU, to be combined with a 12% tax refund for those outside the EU.


A retrospective exhibition “1856-2016: from Le Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville to LE BHV MARAIS” highlights this fantastic anniversary celebration, and invites the public to explore and share this wonderful heritage.

Against 4 different backdrops, the exhibition follows the inspirational story of François Xavier Ruel, originally from Annonay, a small goods vendor who became a shopkeeper in Lyon, before eventually moving to Paris to found the iconic store now famous on the Rue de Rivoli. More than just a department store, he created a veritable dynasty that would manage the company from 1856 until the 1990s. The family entrepreneurship and its location in the heart of the Marais are what give the Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville such a strong identity. Founded at number 54, Rue de Rivoli, the store has been extended several times: from construction of the rotunda facade opposite the Hôtel de Ville in 1913 to Louise Arretche raising the height of the building in 1966, the store has steadily spread across the entire block, bordered by the rue des Archives, rue du Temple and rue de la Verrerie, enabling an ever-wider range of products to satisfy the wide-ranging and unusual requests of its customers.

From its outset, the Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville has combined fashion and homeware, providing its customers with all the comforts of modern day living as well as the latest in technical advances.

This creative capacity can also be seen through the range of relationships LE BHV MARAIS has enjoyed with members of the arts world, from Marcel Duchamp to Jeff Koons. In 1914, Marcel Duchamp purchased a bottle rack from the hardware department: this became his first “readymade” artwork. With this single act, he revolutionised artistic practice and kick-started a history of collaborations between artists and the store. A few years later, Charlotte Perriand found the springs for her famous LC4 chair there, while many a filmmaker has used the store as a film set…A place of inspiration, a supplier and a patron, LE BHV MARAIS has nurtured a special relationship with artists for 160 years.

From 30th June to 1st October 2016, the “Observatory” on the 5th floor of LE BHV MARAIS will host a free-entry exhibition “1856-2016: from Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville to LE BHV MARAIS”, offering visitors a fun, interactive showcase with document archives, interviews, photographs, artworks and objects bear witness to the 160 year-old story of LE BHV MARAIS.

Open from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm.

Special opening hours on 14th July and 15th August from 11am to 7pm.

To mark the occasion, publishing house Assouline will take a book out for its “Mémoires de marques” collection: From Grand Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville to LE BHV MARAIS, the Parisians’ favorite department store (available in French and English).


Get down to Rue de Rivoli on 13th September 2016 at 9pm to help LE BHV MARAIS celebrate its anniversary in style as it makes a new statement in Paris.

An incredible happening of light and sound is on the cards…!



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