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A founding aspect of the identity of LE BHV MARAIS, the democratisation of fashion and the applied arts is what has made LE BHV MARAIS a privileged mediator amongst young designers, professionals and the public.

For 160 years, LE BHV MARAIS has inspired artists: Marcel Duchamp created the first “readymade”, his famous “bottle rack” from a galvanised iron model purchased from LE BHV MARAIS. Since then, it has become customary for artists to gather their supplies here, creating great works from objects rummaged from the department store’s shelves.

To celebrate its 160 year anniversary,LE BHV MARAIS invites artist Jean-Luc Moulène.

In collaboration with Objet Sens Fonction, the artist introduces BLEU DE COSTUME:an allegory of metamorphoses from the working world that links the “blue” of traditional working-wear with the fitted suit of today’s businessmen.

To sum things up, BLEU DE COSTUME is a half-way design, somewhere between a workwear blue and the suit, the point where two worlds collide.


From a fashion aspect, BLEU DE COSTUME is a unisex ensemble; a casual jacket and straight-cut trousers in cotton canvas, mixing tailoring details with practical functions.

The short, straight-cut jacket hides a number of details (double-vented back), and pockets that accentuate the uniqueness of this practical modern outfit.

The straight-leg trousers have an integrated belt, that can be adjusted with two buttons, two bias-cut pockets and two rear pockets.

There are reflective strips on the back of the jacket, under the pocket flaps as well as along the trouser seams in a tuxedo-style, to bring modernity as well as to ensure visibility and safety.

Created in a limited series of 500, BLEU DE COSTUME will be available from 13th September until 31st October 2016 at LE BHV MARAIS (ground floor and lower ground floor) and at LE BHV HOMME.


From 19th October 2016 to 20th February 2017, the Pompidou Centre presents an exhibition by Jean-Luc Moulène. Invited several times to the Pompidou Centre to take part in collective exhibitions and with pieces often on display as part of the museum’s permanent collections, Jean-Luc Moulène will present a manifesto of his research in the southern gallery – not as a retrospective of work, but as a retrospective of protocols.

BLEU DE COSTUME will also be presented by Objet sens Fonction as part of Multiple Art Days – 30th September, 1st & 2nd October 2016, La Maison Rouge, Paris.


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