The best street-looks from Paris fashion week

publié le Samedi 17 octobre 2015 à 10:57

Whilst Paris pulsed to the heartbeat of Fashion Week that ran from Tuesday 29th September to Wednesday 7th October 2015, fashion journalists, influential bloggers and affluent buyers competed for notice as they attended the ready-to-wear shows in carefully considered get-ups. The effects of their meticulous compositions confirm that this important week for the fashion world was played out as much in the street as it is was on the catwalks. Let’s just say, this year the win was in the bag! The proof is in the pictures.

street style fashion week paris printemps été 2016

Rural chic

Ready for a spin in the countryside? Not quite, Madame will be running (in 5 inch heels) from show to show in Paris. Our fashionista looks at ease in relaxed lace and by tastefully revisiting dungarees. The mottled fabric and flared denim gives a retro feel to the overall look, that she adds some extra pizazz to with a “pop” clutch and smoky-lensed sunglasses.

street style fashion week paris printemps été 2016 5

The Victorian artist

Paris insists: with this look we revisit the beret of artists still haunting the capital’s streets. The white shirt and loose bow are the standout pieces of the affair, whilst the leaf-laced skirt and velvet pumps add to the romanticism of this very 18th century ensemble. The must-have? The little pocket handbag with intermingling colours.

street style fashion week paris printemps été 2016 6

The big kid

What better way to revive the child within than with a Barbie pink shirt, strawberry red split skirt and orange Game Boy clutch. The combination of these vibrant colours is a feast for the eyes, whilst the retro-gaming clutch brings a touch of cheekiness to defuse the look somewhat. You’d almost be tempted to pop your bubble-gum from Chanel’s front row!

street style fashion week paris printemps été 2016 8

Bohemian pop

Find her taking a turn around the park, wandering the alleyways of the city but rarely will you find her on the winding paths of the catwalk. Choosing classic over extravagant, this Belle de Jour wins us over with her flowing white dress and refreshing clutch bag. In Paris, just a dash of “happy” can go a long way!

street style fashion week paris printemps été 2016 7

Minimalist boyfriend

How to get the look: steal your boyf’s shirt, button it up to the collar and take a punt on the art of the mismatch. If the shirt is very baggy, forget the rule “loose top / clingy bottom”: this time, we want the silhouette to drown in a clever game of volumes. The must-have? The tension between “nicely ironed versus totally creased” or even “shopping bag versus director’s bag”. Just a little reminder that when it comes to fashion: you’re the boss!

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