Made in France treats to drive you wild

publié le Mercredi 28 octobre 2015 à 10:38

To all lovers of France and its gastronomy: LE BHV MARAIS invites you into its grocery shop. Here you will find all of these delicious made in France products, each one more scrumptious than the last.

When you think of France, you imagine the beauty of Paris, the unique atmosphere that reigns there, but also its gastronomy. Because yes, France really is the country of dreams when it comes to food. That is why the LE BHV MARAIS grocery shop is bringing you these made in France delicacies that you just have to take home.


  • Les petits beurres biscuits by Sophie M


A delicious and authentic shortbread biscuit to delight your guests. Discover the original taste of the petit beurre biscuit, a true French speciality created in 1886 in Nantes and developed over the course of 130 years. Several flavours are now available: chocolate, vanilla and even strawberry.

€3.85 per box


  • Marlette baking mixes


Marlette guarantees easy and delicious recipes. Breads, cakes and even pastries, you can become your own chef using these extra-simple, organic mixes. Just add milk, butter and eggs to the base, and you will achieve moist financier biscuits, pancakes and many other specialities. A delicious and original treat to seduce all you foodies.

From €5.80


  • Jams by Carla For Michalak

Confitures 2

For the house of Carla, chef Christophe Michalak, world pastry champion and head pastry chef at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, has prepared 4 homemade recipes of truly original jams. There are three different flavours to try: red fruit candies, orange clementine vanilla and strawberry violet. All of them are made in the traditional Carla style, with the fruits and natural ingredients undergoing a strict selection process.

From €8.95


  • Little Maille mustard pots


In plenty of original flavours such as pepper & Espelette chilli, Aubergine caviar and even rhubarb with a touch of strawberry. All of them lifted, of course, by the power of Maille mustard. Since its creation in 1747, this company never ceases to surprise with increasingly indulgent creations.



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