Fashion: Paris’ favourite brands

publié le Lundi 20 juin 2016 à 18:31

Paris and fashion, a great love affair. It’s no surprise that Parisian women love to shop and love a great buy! But which brands do French women love the most? LE BHV MARAIS spills the beans.


free-people-bhvSince 1963, Caroll has been dressing women to be beautiful, free, sensual and vivacious. These words can also be used perfectly to describe Parisians. Happy in their own skin and in their choice of clothes! Femininity and cheer are now the brand’s key words.

Free People

maje-bhv-maraisCreated during the 70s in Philadelphia, Free People stole women’s hearts with its codes of creativity, adventure and romanticism. A fitting attitude for the city of Love!


Maje celebrates the active woman, proposing pieces that are full of modernity and combine sobriety, glamour and boldness. A perfect combo, its pieces give every wearer confidence with a touch of luxury. Maje’s collection errs on the laid-back side, whilst providing Parisians with clothing suitable for active lives!


Molly Bracken

sandro-bhv-maraisSince 2008, Molly Bracken has been playing with femininity and creating character pieces. The collections, with their reworked retro style, guarantee a look that is chic and assertive. The diverse mix of materials used, like tulle, sequins and lace, quickly propelled Molly Bracken into the realm of stand-out brands amongst fashionistas.


The first Sandro boutique, opened in 1984 in the heart of the Marais district, clearly demonstrates the brand’s attachment to the city of Paris, which without a doubt returns the affection. Since then, Sandro has been treating fashion lovers to clothing that is simultaneously urban and subtle but also decidedly stand-out.

Les Georgettes


Want to make your own jewellery? Now you can! Created in 2015, French brand Les Georgettes brings us original pieces that mix leather and metal. Choose your own leather, pattern and even the colour of metal, and you can become the creator of your own desires.


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