6 Made in France gifts to take home from your stay in Paris

publié le Mercredi 23 décembre 2015 à 15:37

It’s all over. The excitement of arrival is making way for the melancholy of departure. From Paris you will take away its flamboyant architecture, its bridges, quais, museums, excellent wine and your wild nights out in the Marais district. From Paris you will take home an incalculable number of photos, a head full of memories… And a bag full of gifts. For your family, friends, and for yourself too. But wait, you’ve only got a few days left before you leave and you haven’t bought anything yet. LE BHV MARAIS is here to help give you some great ideas.

Paris is synonymous with gastronomy, the art of living and the art of receiving. What better way to commemorate your stay in the country of red, white and blue, than delighting your loved ones with some 100% Made in France souvenirs. Check out our selection.

Opinel knives

Couteau Made in F

The designer colours, the French expertise in crafting the blades…these Opinel knives will delight foodies and gourmet enthusiasts alike. From the tenderness of a good steak to the firmness of vegetables ready for the pot, nothing can resist them!

La mère Poulard biscuits

Biscuits Made in FBorn in Normandy in 1951, La Mère Poulard made a name for herself through her cooking and her restaurant that she opened in Mont Saint-Michel. Although no longer here to serve up her famous omelettes to her customers, the restauranter’s name lives on through her brand, now a veritable institution. Today a biscuit specialist, the brand promises food lovers the delicious taste of Normandy butter and French home cooking, as well as an aesthetic tradition of beautiful Art Nouveau tins.

Histoire d’Ours Soft Toys

Peluche made in F 2

Because kids too deserve a souvenir from Paris, LE BHV MARAIS recommends opting for the authenticity of soft toys made by French brand Histoire d’Ours. 100% sweetness, happiness and smiles guaranteed!

Jeujura Toys

Jouet Made in F

Again for kids, LE BHV MARAIS has searched through all the French workshops to find the best toys. Because plastic toys just lack that charm of yesteryear, toy brand Jeujura has poured all the talent of its craftsmen into these Made in France toys, made entirely from wood.

Hédène Honey

Miel Made in F 2

Aquitaine, Landes, Languedoc… It is because they work in the open air, in the most beautiful regions in France, that the bees working for Hédène produce such wonderful honey. Sophisticated, gourmet, here is a luxury product that is bound to delight even the most exacting of food connoisseurs.

Gien Crockery

Vaisselle Made in F 2

Gien has now been applying its French know-how to its earthenware collections for almost 200 years. Promising quality, finesse and absolutely sterling work, this red white and blue brand offers a wide range of delicate objects, all hand-painted and of the highest quality. French craftsmanship in its essence!


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