3 IG accounts to follow for a new way to discover Paris

publié le Mercredi 09 décembre 2015 à 16:46

Paris is a celebration, Paris is unique, and yet also multiple at the same time. To prove it, these three Instagrammers have decided to explore the capital a little differently. Through its most decorative floors, its most beautiful inhabitants, or its most unusual of tourists…here are three accounts to help you visit Paris in a new way.

Parisian Floors


Behind the Instagram account: Sebastian Erras, an avid enthusiast of graphic floor tiles, scampers around in search of Paris’ most beautiful floors. They are colourful, symmetrical, pop, oriental and figurative, and they are made from earthenware, marble and even mosaic. No two are alike, even if the photographs that capture them are all in the same format: taken from above, overlooking the photographer’s shoes. What better reason to wander the streets of the capital with your head down?

Instagram @parisianfloors



Armed with his 1001 figurines, “Discret” helps us discover Paris and its surroundings. From the Louvre Pyramid, to the Parc de la Villette, via Saint Martin’s canal or the Arc de Triomphe, Discret invites his “toys” along to reinvent the city’s scenery in a different way.

Instagram @discret




They’re handsome, they’re anonymous, they ride the metro, and the ladies have noticed them. Because a city is not just its buildings, but also its people, this account focuses on Handsome Parisians. And there is something for every taste here, but above all, for every initiative since this is a participatory account. Over to you, Ladies.

Instagram @mecsmetroparis



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