10 Original Activities in Paris

publié le Mardi 06 septembre 2016 à 13:59

For those looking to enjoy Paris in a different unique way, LE BHV MARAIS has put together a list of remarkable activity ideas. On the agenda: reflection, sport and escape!


1) An Auction at the Hotel Drouot

Even if you don’t leave with one of the items up for sale, experiencing the atmosphere of an auction and the unique buzz that permeates the Hotel Drouot is a quirky thing to do in Paris!

Address: 12 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris.

escape game

2) An Escape Game

Either with friends or family, escape games are the new buzz-word in activities. Close to 20 brands participate throughout Paris in the activity, offering several themes: in the metro, an old asylum, the Saw horror movie or even a zombie movie…

To find the room in Paris to match your taste, visit Escapegame.paris

jeu de pistes

3) A Treasure Hunt in Paris

For a novel way of visiting Paris, why not look up the treasure hunt company Qui veut pister Paris? Every Saturday and Sunday this company runs treasure hunts in different locations around the capital. In the corridors of Les Halles, Saint Germain and even Notre-Dame, many different locations host this game!

ballon de paris

4) A Hot Air Balloon Tour

Explore Paris from 150 metres up, with Ballon de Paris! The biggest hot air balloon in the world is waiting for you in the André Citroën park, every day from 9am. Take to the sky and see Paris through new eyes!

manoir de paris

5) A Tour of the Manoir de Paris

Thrill seekers come and quiver in fright at the Manoir de Paris. Operating since 2011, this enormous place, spanning three floors, offers visitors a tour centred around different themes. Terrifying monsters and legends roam this place; you won’t get out unscathed!

Address: 18 rue de Paradis 75010 Paris


6) A Boat Tour

For a romantic experience in Paris, take a glide along the water! A picnic followed by a boat tour will turn your day into an unforgettable memory. Whether in the Bois de Vincennes or that of Boulogne, this is a very popular activity during the summer season!

apero petanque

7) A Game of Boules

For those of you who thought that boules was a game reserved for southerners, think again! There are several boules pitches popping up around the capital. Take the opportunity to meet other boules lovers, and why not join them in sharing an aperitif, as proposed by the Les apéros de la pétanque group.

ski nautique seine

8) Water Skiing on the Seine

Yes, it is possible to take part in water sports on the river Seine! Water skiing, wakeboarding…ski-lovers will be in their element! Visit the water sports club CN19 Glisse in Saint Cloud for a unique, refreshing experience!


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